Real Italian Doughnuts

Bringing the sweet taste of Italy to New Zealand

Our Doughnuts are...

100% Natural

In traditional family recipe style they are made of 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives. Made as yeast based doughnuts which include potatoes, flour, olive oil and lemon zest. The result is a soft, light and airy doughnut which is absolutely delicious!

Low in Sugar

Amazingly our doughnuts are very low in sugar!!! Would you believe that the doughnuts themselves only have 0.6gm sugar per 100gm??? Ok… When we serve them we often lightly sprinkle them in caster sugar and cinnamon (but only very lightly!) Now that’s impressive!

Great in Flavour

What can we say? They are delicious – so unique and very different to your common donut. The combination of ingredients creates a light, airy and mouth-watering doughnut you will just love to eat.

Our Story

Often just the thought of flavours from a different country can make your mouth water and conjure up exotic images of faraway places. When they are brought to life in the fullness of tradition, something special awaits you. Salve Basile has created just such an opportunity with his Real Italian Doughnuts (known in Italy as zeppole di patate). These doughnuts are a traditional Southern Italian delicacy.

Food Trailer and Catering

Every mood, every moment, every state of mind. What you feel should have an expression in what you wear. Follow your heart and be true to your soul. Everything else will fall into place.

Nutritional Information and Storage

We cook using an authentic Italian recipe which includes all natural ingredients and no preservatives. Freshly cooked to ensure a soft, light and airy doughnut - naturally delicious.

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