Our Story

Our Founder

My name is Salve Basile and I am a first-generation New Zealander born in Island Bay, Wellington. My parents immigrated from Italy in 1960’s and I was raised in old Italian style and Italian was my first language. I grew up watching my mother cook lots of yummy Italian foods from pasta dishes, mozzarella cheese and wonderful sweet desserts.

Our Origin

The Real Italian Doughnuts recipe comes from my parent’s village in Southern Italy called Massa Lubrense. This is where many wonderful Italian recipes come from. Over the last 15 years I have grown a real passion for cooking Italian food. I believe it is very important these wonderful recipes are not lost.

Our Inspiration

My mother made these amazing doughnuts for special occasions as they took a long time to make, they were well worth the long wait as they are so delicious. The doughnut has always been a favourite of mine and this is my take on my mother’s recipe. I love being able to share these wonderful doughnuts with my family and friends and doughnut lovers everywhere.

The Doughnut

The Italian name for these delicious doughnuts is Zeppole Di Patate. Zeppole is an exquisite result of a yeast base dough that is made with flour and potatoes, which makes them a soft, light and airy doughnut.

Our Beginnings

We launched our mobile food trailer in Tauranga in February 2015. This brightly coloured trailer stands out in a crowd and portrays images of Southern Italy (Massa Lubrense) to add to the ambience of your experience.

"I love being mobile and going to participate in events all around the place. I just want to bring the taste of my family to everyone! I want them to enjoy what I had as a kid."

- Salve Basile

Growing to Greater Strengths

Feedback and demand led us to explore the option of providing a retail and catering box. After a time of product development and testing our frozen boxes were launched in June 2016.

These wonderful doughnuts can be found when you order your next dessert in a large restaurant chain near you, they are all over New Zealand. They are super easy to prepare - Simply thaw, heat and enjoy. Along with being super simple they are absolutely delicious!

Our Values

Story Telling

To live the story of our doughnuts – bringing to life the Italian connection, the family speciality, creating the image of Italian colour and vibrancy.

Helpful and Personal

To always have a “can do” attitude in everything we do, and provide our customers and customers with a personal service second to none. Ensuring that everyone has a smile and feels that we care.


The ability to adjust to meet the needs of our clients – every event is different and special.

Quality Products

Providing a quality doughnut which means learning how they are meant to look, feel and taste. Ensuring that every doughnut handled our meets our expectations.


The ability to look outside the square and see possibilities for change or improvement.

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